sonia's writings!

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hi! welcome to my little place for my rambling + various writings

warning! some of these pages contain autoplay music

this will contain anything from just my rambling about things i like, character analysis, fanfiction, and just anything from my thoughts that i can write out!

content warnings that i feel are necessary will be added at the top of any writings on here, but i highly doubt anything here will go into super heavy topics, especially my fanfic since i mainly just like to write cute shipping stuff.

be warned 90% of the shit on here will be about pokemon swsh and specifically sordward, shielbert + sonia because i am kind of crazy. if you didn't notice. i 100% unironically am someday going to drop the most insane character analysis on sordward and it will cause you all 1 million psychic damage because it will be too incredibly based.

anyway, more seriously, feel free to browse the different sections on the side! i'm unsure if im going to do these as tabs or just as completely separate pages so people can link back to specific things if they'd like, but i think for now i'm going to keep it separate pages unless it gets too overwhelming/annoying to update.

all in all...this page is basically just like a less personal blog/journal for me to put my ramblings, since i tend to use my journal page for talking about personal topics/venting. i may still talk about my personal life here, but definitely nothing as heavy as in my journal page! this is essentially just here since i feel there's a lot of things i want to say that are too lighthearted for the state of my journal right now