Sordward & Shielbert

this page is a huge wip...there's a lot i have to say about them and most of it is really hard to put into words. i hope you enjoy seeing what i have to say so far and will come back in the future when its hopefully more complete!

it's been 3 years now since i first met these two, and coming up for what i class as my true 3 year anniversary with them!

i got pokemon sword for my birthday back in 2020 despite not planning to pick up the game at first since i wasn't as hugely into pokemon as i used to be at the time, and who would've known that it would've resulted in me ultimately becoming more interested in my lifelong special interest than ever, and that it would've brought me to having actual ultimate favourite pokemon characters.

though, i didn't immediately think much of them. i didn't have the visceral hatred that a lot of people have for whatever reason, i was just sorta neutral on them. it wasn't until the 30th of september 2020 that i really became a fan of them. and even then, while i was still a huge fan of them, and credit this date as my anniversary with the twins, it wasn't until november 2021 that i became fixated on them again and have not stopped being fixated on them since. my friends are probably so tired of hearing about them at this point please send help.

but regardless of how embarrassed i feel talking about them constantly to my friends the way i do, these characters really mean a lot to me. and for this reason, i decided to create this page dedicated to them, and how happy they make me.

so, who are these two?

sordward and shielbert are twin brothers who appear in and act as the antagonists of the postgame segment of sword and shield! (i'll add an actual summary of their role in the plot here someday, i'm just lazy.)

my personal relationship with them
well, for one, they're my favourite characters in the entire pokemon franchise. they're the subject of most of my artwork and my occasional pieces of writing, and also part of the reason i wanted to start working on my website again to begin with. they're a huge part of my life, no matter how silly it may seem to other people. i concern myself a lot over how people perceive how attached i am to them, and the feeling that people are probably making fun of me behind my back for even liking them to begin with, but it's something i'm truly working hard to get over, because that shouldn't matter to me. they make me happy, and that's all that matters, it's nobody elses business.

i've been very open about how i selfship and how sordward x sonia is like kinda a selfship thing for's hard to explain how i feel about shielbert, because i would say i view shielbert romantically but to a lesser extent? but that's also not to say that i don't like shielbert as much because i do. you know what maybe someday i'll stop being a coward and i'll draw art of me kissing both of them.

note: a lot of graphics on this page are temporary, as in the future i'd like to create my own graphics for the page!
my collection!

i'd like to make this a bigger section in the future, but i don't have much physical merch of them for obvious reasons...maybe when they get added to masters and eventually become playable if they're stuck as npcs via being added in galar villain arc i'll include having them + any notable achievements like managing to beat certain stages w them >__>