also known as sordsoni, or simply "soso"!

sordsoni is the shipping between sordward and sonia from pokemon sword and shield, and while i don't want to take all of the credit i am quite literally the only person i have seen on the internet that actively makes content of this ship. these two appear together in the postgame storyline of pokemon sword and shield, and that's about it until sordward and shielbert get added to masters probably.

they can be very simply described as being an enemies to lovers ship, but the way i see it is far more complicated than that. it's more enemies to people who have a strange rivalry with each other and only hang out to annoy each other to a mutual liking but neither is willing to admit it
however i personally am also a big fan of sordward having a (questionably) one-sided crush on sonia and is literally fighting for his life trying to convince everyone including himself that he does not like her.
as said in the sordsoni fic i commissioned my friend for:
"For a split second, Sordward considers getting in with her to make sure she makes it back home safe, but he realizes that'll only make it look more as if he's in love with her. He isn't, obviously. Though he wouldn't mind if she was the first person he ever felt this way with."
he is so deeply in love with her i promise but also he is sooo far in denial about it

blehghghhghhh work in progress ill add a link to this when im done or whateve r. sordsoni playlist needs to be perfect and fundamentally lifechanging to the listener.
anyway go listen to the best mirishita idol image song (dear...)

this playlist has been a wip that i refuse to share for over like half a year now bc i want it to be perfect. please send help

now i can only assume you're probably sitting wondering why? what would ever compel someone to ship this
and the short answer is:
idk i just like it

for the longer answer it's a bit hard to explain other than just genuinely. i like the ship and it makes me happy. i find it cute.
i think their dynamic works really well, and i think from the little bit we do get to see of them interacting their personalities play off of each other really well. it's really interesting to think how that dynamic would be were they to no longer be directly at odds with each other as how they are in the postgame. despite everything that happened in the postgame, i don't really see either of them still holding a massive grudge against the other, i think they both hold a general disdain towards one another, but not to the extent of absolute hatred.
i think after the events of the postgame they still annoy the hell out of each other but at some point it became more in an endearing way. they both consider each other friends but neither of them will admit it.
their relationship overall leaves a lot for development and i find that really interesting to explore, especially given that they didn't have the most positive opinions on each other after their first meeting.