aka nessolly or nessaholly!!

frigidseashipping is the ship between nessa from pokemon swsh and my oc/sona holly. holly isn't exactly meant to be me but i use her as a standin for my relationship with nessa. to be honest i haven't fully written out their shared lore, but i'll write a bit about holly here.

holly is a hairstylist from freezington, who is currently living in hulbury and working in motostoke. she specifically chose to move to hulbury since it would be comparatively quieter than motostoke, and has a train station unlike turrfield. she often complains about the cold, except for in places that are actually extremely cold.

holly and nessa met through essentially just being in the right place at the right time. holly looks up to nessa a lot and considers herself a big fan of nessa, taking time off of her busy work schedule always to go watch nessa's matches and cheer her on. holly isn't a trainer, nor does she really do much outside of work, so meeting nessa pushed her to want to find more to do with her life. she still doesn't see herself becoming an actual trainer, but it's pushed her to start trying to travel more to get over her dislike of it.

i'm not sure how to explain their dynamic because i'm not really good at simplifying things like that;; it's really just the most stunning woman you've ever seen and lesbian who is absolutely in love with her. because that's how i also feel about nessa.

my yume intro!