about the webmaster!

as you could tell from my home page, my name is sonia, and i'm a really big pokemon fan!

i'm a 19 year old artist who really really loves pokemon swsh and especially sordward. i also selfship with sordward and project myself onto sonia like a lot. she's me. hope this makes sense. almost my entire online existence atm is dedicated to this pairing and galar in general at this point i really really like them. its my only personality trait.

also if you care for whatever reason i am a triple threat. i have autism adhd and ocd. and a variety of other mental issues i don't feel comfortable disclosing but are pretty obvious.

aside from that i'm not sure exactly what to write here. i don't consider myself to be a particularly interesting person outside of what i do and post online, and even then i don't class that as being very interesting. this site's reason for existence is as simple as i wished to get into coding and wanted a place where i felt i can authentically be myself, without trying to put on a persona for social media. a little place where i feel safe and comfortable rambling about things i enjoy without fear i'm going to have random losers on twitter or whatever other social media making fun of me for existing in a way they deem "cringe"

i've been made fun of a fair amount for liking the things i like. media, ships, characters. i'm kind of sick of it at this point. maybe some of it was funny the first couple of times people started treating me like i'm a weird specimen who needs to be observed bc i like the guys from pokemon who have weird haircuts, but i dunno, after a while i just really grew to start resenting that kind of treatment. i'm an artist, and one who's really passionate about what they do, even if it mostly involves me drawing really niche and unpopular characters, and i want to be taken seriously for my work, rather than viewed as a joke. it's honestly kind of hard to get into these feelings without discussing my general gripes with fandom spaces and how they treat people with less usual interests and favourite characters. but at the end of the day, i don't really care that much. i draw what makes me happy, and if people hate me or make fun of me for it then that's their problem, not mine. i'm just here to share my passion.

as you can tell i'm a big big damselshipping (sordward x sonia) fan! i like it for various reasons, but the biggest ones are me projecting onto sonia and using it as an outlet for my selfship stuff, and partly just bc i like their dynamic. i used to have an oc that i shipped with sordward but honestly i'm so attached to damselshipping now that i really just dont personally enjoy romantically pairing him with anyone else outside of a joking context.

i've been a fan of sordward for 3 years now(well, it hasnt fully been 3 years yet as of writing this. our anniversary is on the 30th of september!), and i have selfshipped with him for a good chunk of that time, but it was only in late 2021 i really went crazy with it. he's a character who means a lot to me (and so is shielbert), and i take my adoration for his character very seriously.