welcome to my own slumbering weald!

a site lovingly crafted and brought to you by...me!

this site is named after the slumbering weald from pokemon, a location that means a lot to me from a game that means a lot to me! the slumbering weald is a weird location for me, despite first playing sword and shield when i was 16, i've always felt weirdly nostalgic about this location from the start, and this location introduced me to my favourite characters: sordward and shielbert, or seesaw duo as their fans like to call them! i adore them, and if you couldn't tell i am a HUUUGE fan of seesaw x sonia (though, i particularly prefer sordward x sonia, but she has 2 hands so she can have two boyfriends if she wants. listen i relate rly strongly to her and partially see her as myself so if i say those two losers r my boyfriends thats just how it is, okay?)

as u can tell from the themeing of this place, i adore pokemon and particularly swsh! it's been my special interest since i was 4 years old and i also consider sordward and shielbert and just swsh in general to be it's own separate special interest. aside from pokemon, i also have a special interest in translation/localization processes, and am learning japanese! i may occasionally share some translation tidbits on my onsite blog once i get along to making it, bc i rly like rambling about differences in dialogue between various languages for sword and shield~!

as for more casual interests: i like the idolm@ster(mostly sidem+mirishita), puyo puyo, sonic, jojo's bizarre adventure, mp100, and various other video games and animanga. i also really, really love groups nct and exo. their music means a lot to me.

there's more about me on my webmaster about page, but be warned, it's outdated. i'll try to redo it soon! please enjoy your stay!

if for any reason you need to contact me, i prefer you do it through my site profile or on twitter. however if it's private and you don't have twitter, send me a friend request on discord @sordward or send me an email marlesleepwick@gmail.com. i don't check my email very often, and if you're attempting to contact me through discord please shoot me a message on my site profile or in my guestbook to tell me your tag/display name on there, or i will probably reject it. alternatively, i am on tumblr as diaclarity and instagram as damselshipping, but it might take me longer to respond on there.
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